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How Can Custom Joinery Add Value To Your Property?

arched shaped wardrobe

How A Fitted Wardrobe Can Improve Your Home

Whether you’re planning to sell your property or have made a commitment to your forever home, investing in a gorgeous fitted wardrobe is one that will pay off. If you’re planning to sell in the near-distant future, custom joinery can significantly bolster your selling price and make your home a delectable competitor in the midst of a voracious housing market. To discover more about how custom joinery can modernise your home in concordance with an ever-changing market, keep reading.

Stunning, Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

So, how can a fitted wardrobe improve your property value? Humans are visual creatures, so a stunning piece of joinery is more likely to captivate the attention of prospective buyers than a home without. Fitted wardrobes are a highly coveted feature that add an undeniable layer of luxury and elegance to your bedroom. Integrated wardrobes are an intelligent and glamorous solution to limited storage space, so there’s less clutter and chaos swallowing up your interior. The additional value can surpass the cost of installation, but the overall increase depends on the size of your home and what you’re up against in your local market.

Heritage sliding door wardrobe
loft sliding wardrobe

Practical, Ergonomic Space

Built-in joinery diminishes the need for cumbersome and tacky furniture. It creates a cathartic, open-plan space that’s customisable to suit your unique aesthetic. Dirt and dust is less likely to accumulate behind hard-to-reach furniture, lending itself to a peaceful, stress-free existence. A more nuanced, practical space is attractive to prospective buyers that can visualise themselves in your shoes. Our products allow for a seamless and clutter-free transition between owners.

Timeless, Long-Lasting Joinery

A fitted wardrobe is a timeless feature that never goes out of style. Provided it’s kept in good condition, you won’t have to worry about your investment depreciating with time. Unlike other cosmetic improvements, such as excessive wallpaper, garish tiling or an avant-garde kitchen, a fitted wardrobe is a luxury that doesn’t take advantage of the term. It’s unlikely to frighten off prospective buyers. A home with built-in storage is infinitely more attractive than one without, regardless of the additional cost. Not only that, but our designs are sleek, simple and unlikely to clash with existing décor.

Grey Black Sliding Wardrobe CAD

Contact Us For Stunning Custom Joinery At Devon Sliding Wardrobes

Interested in a bespoke fitted wardrobe, for leisure or a long-term property investment? We can design and install a variety of wardrobes, such as sliding, heritage, traditional, walk-in and storage options. Our products come with a 7-year warranty on installation, so you’re insured for peace of mind if your product develops a fault. Get in touch with us today for a consultation and free home visit. We look forward to your call.

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